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  • The Holmes siblings

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  • Introducing the Pomegranate Schweppes ! Yes and it’s Pink! Yum Yum 😆 (at Home)

  • It’s a trick. Just a magic trick.


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    WOW!!! 😍😍😍😍

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    Celebrity GPS


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  • OOOOOOOH YEAH!!! 😆😆😆😆

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    • Me: can we go to sleep now, please?
    • Brain: Okay, but, before we do, I have a something for you! 😉
    • Me: REALLY!!! WHAT IS IT?!😄
    • Brain: well, I'm going to flash u some painful and stupid memories .. And all the alternatives of all the stupid things you have done through the whole da......
    • *aimes a revolver to the head, pulles the trigger*
    • THE END. 😂
  • So, it’s 4:39AM In Giza and i can’t sleep and those cold-meds are fucking up my head which is heavy loaded with utterly stupid shit! 😏

    • Me: *watches the imitation game trailer again*
    • Mom: How many times have you watched that trailer?
    • Me: I lost count.
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  • Only A Crack ….

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    Not really a good thing

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    I know it is, thought it would be more exciting filled with exciting stuff, you know replies and shares .. Maybe some fanfics, questions, or selfies.
    But I don’t write fanfics because I’m fucking terrible at writing! And I’m too ugly for selfies

    Every post here is all I’m (and it’s bad) and everything I like (Sherlock for example).
    And my artworks are everything I have ever had .. It is my only way to escape away of my reality.

    So, to all the 29 followers here thanks so much for enduring with this blog and no heart feelings

    I expect nothing of this post, but the thoughts of how pathetic, “self absorbed”, and arrogant i am but to be honest with u all, I have no memories with anyone, I had/still don’t have friends in real-life so that’s why there aren’t any posts about anyone else.
    But thanks for all the notes on the fanart posts really made the day and let me sleep peacefully!

    God bless u all.
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